In order to get the multiple entry visa for your trip in UAE that allow tourist to visit nearby nation and return to Dubai - available for 30 and 90 days visa. We have multi entry for short-term and long-term visa. 

Multi entry long term visa valid for 90 days

Dubai 3 months Multiple entry Visa
(Valid for 60 days after issue date)

Adult: 685 USD / 2500 AED
Child: 685 USD / 2500 AED
Duration: 90 Days stay allowed

30 days multiple entry visa

Dubai 1 month Multiple entry Visa
(Valid for 60 days after issue date)

Adult: 275 USD / 1000 AED
Child: 275 USD / 1000 AED
Duration: 30 Days stay allowed

The United Arab Emirates generally allows visa for single entry only, but with growing globalization and current needs, the UAE announced multiple visa entries since November 2012. Generally a person needs to wait for approximately 30 days after completing a visit in the UAE. This poses problem for those who wish to make Dubai or other Emirates as their stopover city and visit other nearby countries over a period of time. Thus, here the advantage of multiple entry visa come into play.

Apply your UAE (Dubai) visa with us and get evisa copy in 3* days.


Documents required passport copy (Main page and last page ) + passport size photograph in jpeg color format or pdf format. Email us documents at

Email us documents at

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Visa process was never so easy. Dubai is a beautiful city which welcomes many tourist and business person every year. UAE govt gives on arrival visa to many nationals but there are large number of people who still require prior approved visa. Visa here is based on sponsorhip system where hotel, airline or travel agency is eligable to give visa to visitors. Dubai follows evisa system where visa is electronically generated and traveller just need to print copy of same before travelling.

Why we are best?

  1. Minimum documents requirement.
  2. No cash / cheque deposit from families.
  3. Express visa service.
  4. Dedicated customer support via chat/email/call/whatsapp etc.

Our fast and easy visa processing makes your holiday tension free. If you wish to invite your relatives and friends to Dubai get in touch with our visa agent. Visa handling fee is minimum as per market standards. Our customer care will update you at each step with progress of application.

Visa Eligibility for Multiple Entry  :

Generally this kind of entries are for businessmen, property dealers or tourists. The rules set for males and females vary according to the type of visa applied for. Businessmen and property dealers get a 180 day multiple entry visas with a maximum of 30 days at a time stay. The same holds for Diplomats as well as UN citizens. On the other hand tourists generally get visa for 3 months with 14 days stay at a time. Germans can procure this visa for 1-2 years and maximum stay is for 3 months. US citizens can apply for the same for anything between 1-10 years with a maximum of 6 months at a time stay.


The most convenient way to apply for the multiple entry visa to Dubai, UAE is by flying by Emirates and getting the visa processing done through the UAE Embassy in ones country. Depending on purpose and duration of stay, multiple visa entry is generally of two types.

  1. Short Term Entry: The duration is for a period of 30 days.
  2. Long Term Entry: The duration is for 90 days.

Documents required:                                                        

Depending on the purpose of visit, the following are required at the time of visa application.

  1. Valid passport
  2. Confirmed Emirates flight tickets
  3. Sponsor or host residency proof
  4. Company cover letter or invitation letter
  5. Hotel booking confirmation documents
  6. Relationship proof with relatives living in the UAE if any.
  7. Colored photographs with a specification of 4.3 cms by 5.5 cms against a white background.

Any unaccompanied student or a woman below 22 years of age need to provide additional ID proof and reason of visit before getting the permission to apply for the visa.

How to Apply:

The visa applications can be done through the UAE embassy in one own state or online. Online booking for 90 Days Visa Here. Forms are available for download and stipulated fees need to be submitted at the office desk for further processing. For online application supporting documents are uploaded and then processed. After successful submission of the form and other documents, the progress and status can be checked on the website. Book 30 Days Visa for Dubai Here.

Care should be taken to fill out the form carefully and upload or attach relevant and valid documents as incomplete applications are cancelled.