Best Season to Visit Dubai – Go during Best Time

Best Season to Visit Dubai – Go during Best Time

Tourism in Dubai has well demarcated months and seasons famous for their festivities and aura of celebration. Prior to arranging for a trip, it is also advisable to go through the temperature chart. You could choose the months based on the places you plan to visit while holidaying in Dubai. In popular opinions, August to October and November to January are considered to be idle and soothing for travellers. Since Dubai tends to remain hot for better part of the year, you can easily escape the scorching summer if planned wisely.

Here is the best time to visit Dubai during cool month that starts from August to October and November to January. Read on!

August to October

The month of Ramadan falls between April and August along with Ramadan Night Market which lasts for ten days. It is considered to be shoppers’ paradise as they can check from range of products coming from across the borders.

The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity to taste iftar foods at renowned hotels and see canon firing at locations like Burj Khalifa and City Walk. Every eatery plays classical Arabian music as well. As a tourist, you must abide by the dress code that Ramadan demands. As much as soul-soothing Ramadan is in Dubai, the emotion is truly intriguing and unparalleled.

Eid in Dubai remains a topmost attractions amongst tourist- dine on Thai streets, shop at amazing discounts at Ripe Market that glows with fresh collection during the festival of Eid.  Catching a show at La Perle also remains a popular activity that you can catch at its beat during these months.

If you are planning a trip towards October, be ready to imbibe within you the fun and thrill of Dubai’s peak season. It is a good time to dig into the cultural history, and other delights of Dubai through art, and opera. Pay a visit to Alserkal Avenue arts district that has guided tours and has proved to be a beautiful commingling of art, fashion, music, and food with a list of cultural programs on its list. The relaxing October air would also compel you to try out the famous coffee joint Tom and Serg to revel in its majesty. You are guaranteed to experience an altogether different Dubai, beyond its skyscrapers, and commercial tourist hubs. It is also a suitable time to visit nearby museums, and spas for an exhilarating holiday package.

November to January

The scenic beauty of blue skies is here to astound you into complete awe. The air in Dubai remains enjoyable with considerably low humidity when compared to rest of the year.

Whether honeymoon or family trip consider the above mentioned time period, make sure to get your week day visa ready and book your tickets in advance.

November temperature that generally ranges between late 20 degree to early 30 degree, gives you the best experience of the tour.

World famous DP World Tour Championship also takes place in November and commences the series of brilliant golfing championships. Like cherry on top, you do not have to pay a dirham to enter the venue.  November to January is also favourable for sightseeing and beach walking.

Thanks to the fact that the whether remains bearable, the period also offers you memorable outdoor dining experiences in Dubai. The extravagantly decorated restaurants and eateries provide beautiful al-fresco dining opportunities.

Tourists’ favourite destinations during this time are Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Shopping festival held on January for a whole month, and Christmas party at Irish village, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Opera among others during December. The entire city decks up and pulsates with music. You can also avail other options of celebrating the festive spirit by paying a visit to the iconic Habtoor Palace Hotel for a memorable Christmas in Dubai.