This 96 Hour Transit Visa Visa is suitable for those travelers who want stay for a period of 4 days, while it’s valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Generally, getting a Dubai visa is significantly dependent upon various segments like the candidate’s nationality and reason behind the tour. There are a massive number of visa providers available for candidates; anyway it is critical to know in regards to the technique, requirements and processing time. There are some Dubai visas preparing modes which will help candidates with picking the kind of visa as indicated by their need. ApplyDubaiVisa offers a couple of decisions like Urgent Visa, Normal Visa and Express Visa.

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Requirements for 96 Hours Transit Visa

The supporting documentation that must be put together by a candidate is reliant on the Country of Residence. The Mandatory Documents that are required to be submitted are beneath:

Passport Bio Data Page: This is the page in the customer’s passport which has the Photo and other important and personal details. The international ID bio page should be colored. Copies that are in black and white won’t be acknowledged.

Passport Last Page: Some nationalities have vital data on the last page of their visa such as the visa of India. In the event that your nationality does not have any data on the last page you are allowed to attach the primary page of your identification in this program. The Last page should be in color. Copies in black and white will not be accepted.

Photo: Each candidate needs to present a clear photograph of them. Ideally the photograph should not be edited from the identification. The photo must be in color and not black and white as previously mentioned.

Evidence of Residence: This might be required if the customers Present Nationality and present Country of Permanent Residency isn’t the same. 

Visa Fees: (Deposit Included)

Inhabitants of specific countries will be needed to pay a refundable deposit. This will be discounted back to the customer when their exit from the UAE is effectively recorded in the system. A sum comparable to USD 272.5 + Taxes will be discounted to the customer as a credit when their exit is effectively recorded in the framework. The fees for 96 hours transit visa is 200 AED along with service charge of 75 AED and incidental charge of 5 AED.

Time of processing

  • Processing Time of normal Visa: 3 – 4 working days from the date of submission. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are counted as holiday.
  • Submission time for Normal Visa: 09:30 am to 05:30 pm is the time frame that the application must be submitted.
  • Processing Time of Express Visa: 36 hours post submission. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are counted as holiday.
  • Submission time for Express Visa: 09:30 am to 12:00 noon is the time frame application submission.