In order to work in Dubai, the applicant must apply for Dubai working visa. Find the procedure, what documents required, fees and processing time detail. Visiting Dubai is on everyone’s bucket list, and therefore it has become one of the most visited tourist destinations all over the world. But to visit a foreign country, you will need essential documents to the allowances and VISA is one of the most important documents that you will need to carry when you visit Dubai. However, visiting a foreign country and getting the permission to work there, falls under strict official procedures. In this article, we are going to talk about the methods and processes required to obtain a Dubai working VISA.

What is a Working VISA?

A work permit is an official document that allows an individual to take up a job in a foreign country legally. A moving license also allows minors to work in a foreign country lawfully within the country’s child labor laws. Therefore if you are an individual who is looking to get a job in a foreign country like Dubai, then you must have all the documents, and most importantly a Dubai working visa or permit to get the job.

To get a fully certified an official working permit or VISA in Dubai, there are different steps which need to be followed out carefully. Here are the steps that need to be followed:

Procedure to get Residence VISA

The first step which needs to be taken is to acquire a Residence VISA. Without a Residence VISA, an individual will not be eligible to get the work VISA or Permit. After one gets enlisted for a Residence VISA, he or she needs to go through a medical test. An officially valid health certificate is required for completing the issuance of the residence permit. The applicant must be present for this health checkup at any government hospital within the country he or she has applied the VISA for.

Medical Requirement

The medical checkup includes tests like chest X-ray and various blood tests to identify if any, specific communicable diseases such as:

  • Leprosy
  • Hepatitis, and
  • Tuberculosis

If the results are positive on any of these tests, it will result in a denial of the Residence VISA and immediate deportation from the country. In present time one cannot appeal in such a case in Dubai.

Procedure to get the Working VISA

After an individual clears the medical procedures, he or she receives the clearance for the Residence VISA and then the steps are to be followed for Working VISA. Let us have a look:

  • The first and foremost step is to get the approval from the Ministry of Labour Dubai. Usually, the support comes before the individual settles in the country and the checks typically deal with specific legal requirements and other essential things.
  • Once the approval is received, the individual gets an Entry Permit and enters the country. The entry permit remains valid for two months which can be extended twice.
  • Then, the application procedures for this types of visa starts, and the individual is required enlist to get a labor card. Usually, a 60 days period is given within which all the legal fees, checks and procedures need to be completed.
  • The individual gets a fully licensed and officially verified Working Permit or VISA within 8-10 working days. You should also check Dubai Immigration Office details here.

Documents needed for the Working VISA

Here is the list of the necessary materials that are required in order to be produced for getting a Working VISA in Dubai:

  • Applicant’s photographs.
  • Dubai Residency Visa.
  • Valid Passport with a minimum six-month validity required.
  • Valid health certificate.
  • Three copies of the employment contract – one for the employer, one for the employee and one for the Ministry of Labor.
  • Education certificates and other evidence of professional qualifications related to the job.
  • Sponsoring company’s valid trade license.
  • Once apply for it, then you can check the status of visa application here.

So if you have read the article until this point, then you know what the important procedures and legal steps that need to be completed into a fully licensed Working VISA in Dubai are. The process is not an easy one and involves a lot of procedures which needs to be completed carefully.