Mission visa a very uncommon name in the list of different types of visas required for Dubai. Howsoever, you need to be clear that the visas regulation is a subject to be changed on regular basis therefore you need to be in direct contact of the travel agency or consult the nearest UAE embassy before your airline travel. Expect the 33 countries all need to provide their visa obtained by their sponsors. The kind of visa differs on the basis of several factors likes, nationality, and purpose of travel, duration and many more. But you need to be careful with the expiry of the visa as penalty of Dh 100 is imposed on every visitors of everyday overstay.

There are 2 major types of mission visa discussed below:Dubai Visa

What Is Mission Visa?

People visit Dubai for different types of mission visa that last for 90 days but you even need to be care that it may or may not be exactly 3 months. Such type of visa is called as mission visa that is offered to the professional employee who is present in Dubai for short period of time as a probationary worker. You need to apply for it in the department of labor. And you need to be careful that is allows multi entry and is even renewable.

What Is Special Mission Entry Visa?

This is bit different from mission visa with 90 days validity as this visa serve best for 16 days and is commonly referred as Dubai Transit visa (it is not contradict to transit visa that is valid for 96 hours). This visa allows single entry and cannot be proceeded for renewable.

Temporary Work Permits:

We cannot say that mission visa is similar to Temporary work permit as TMP is a work permit that is issued by Ministry of Labor to the person holding the UAE residence visa. According the recent research of Khaleej times it has been confirmed that valid residency cannot be less be less than 6 month and is always valid for a job offer with a new sponsor. This criteria need to be fulfilled for availing temporary employment permit.

Mission Visa Application:

  • You need to apply for the mission visa at the ministry of Labor and not in any other departments such as DNRD, FNRD, etc.
  • You need to carry along with you, your photograph and passport after completion of temporary labor permit proceedings. This would be followed with the proceeding of medical test that need to be given by applicant and finally he/she will receive their mission card that is equivalent to Labor card.
  • This card is valid for 60 days along allow you to stay for 90 days after entry. You can easily renew this visa for another 90 days.
  • You need to pay an amount of dhs 500 to Dhs 600 as Mission visa cost whereas in the renewal time you again need to offer the same amount. Moreover, some of the other sources charge a sum of Dhs 1200 at the time of renewal. According to Ministry of labor it has been defined that Electronic Mission Permit the charges applicable for mission visa is AED 100 as application fee+ AED 500 for approval+ AED 3000 deposit. Moreover, during the period of renewal the fee structure is somewhat like this, AED 500 and in case renewal is applied for 7 days more than expiry then a sum of AED 500 is taken as penalty.
  • AED 3000 dhs is refundable if required.
  • There is non-valid female applicant with the engineering as the job title.
  • The process to change the mission visa to normal work permit or labor permit card is possible only, if it is not yet clear that the person has not left UAE or not.
  • In case the applicant is available at UAE on visit visa or tourist visa, then he/she might have to leave UAE to cancel the tourist visa and then again re-enter on their mission visa.

On expiry of mission visa no ban can be imposed.

Above content is only for information purpose. For further queries call directly to Dubai immigration. We are a Dubai based travel agency who provide Tourist visas only.