Citizens who are arriving from different corner of world to Dubai needs to have their visa on arrival to UAE airport or on other entry zones. This is even important for those who are holding stamped tourist visa along with the passport from other countries with the validity of 30 days along with one time renewable option. This visa needs to have the sponsorship of hotel or tour operator. The fee that makes one eligible for tourist visa is Dhs 100 along Dhs 10 for the delivery service. Beside this, agents and other operators charge extra Dhs 50 for arranging visa for the visitors.

General Info:

  • One can avail different types of visa for Dubai visits.
  • Nations that do not require visas for entry in UAE:
  Andorra   Australia   Austria   Belgium
  Brunei   Canada   Denmark   Finland
  France   Germany   Greece   Holland
  Hong Kong   Iceland   Ireland   Italy
  Japan   Liechtain   Luxembourg   Malaysia
  Monaco   New Zealand   Norway   Portugal
  San Marino   Singapore   South Korea   Spain
  Sweden   Switzerland   United Kingdom   USA
  • In case your country is not listed above, you need to please get in touch of the nearest UAE embassy or consultant for any sort of updates.
  • The penalty charges for overstay in UAE is Dhs 100/day.
  • In case you belong to the nation that requires a sponsorship then the airlines need to put a confirmation that the visitor is holding a sponsor along with a valid visa.

Gcc Nationals:

Visa is always considered as an essential document before entry UAE but it may vary from one country to another. Therefore it is mandatory to make a check over the regulation before booking your ticket. Citizen with GCC national’s countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar do not require any sort of UAE visa. Visa would be required for domestic helper and escorts of GCC national. This visa would have the renewable option of 60 days. You need to provide the sponsors original passport as well as a valid residency visa before entering UAE. Whereas, other countries citizen requires a visa that needs to be applied much before your arrival to UAE. The citizen of GCC nationals need to only provide that valid proof of GCC citizen during entry to UAE.

AGCC Residents:

The visitors who do not belong to GCC nations but are known to have better professional status are eligible for UAE visa. For e.g. auditor, business people, accountants, doctors, managers, accountants, engineers, pharmacists and employees eligible for public sector are sponsored by UAE. They are eligible for non-renewable 30 days visa before your arrival on the port.

Visa Sponsors

We have listed below the sponsorship details as per the visa they can apply for on behalf of anyone:

  • Hotels & tourist companies can apply for visa on behalf of visitors for tourist visa (valid for 30 days), Service visa (valid for 14 days), Visit Visa (Valid for 30 days that even be extended for more 30 days)
  • Airline & airline helper can usually apply for their crew member a Transit visa that is having the validity of 96 hours.
  • Other organization which are UAE based need to apply for Visit visas and service visas.
  • Individual like friend and relative who are UAE resident can apply for Visit Visa.