The residential of any place can now easily check the UAE visa Status in the form of easier and more convenient process. The entire process in order to check the status of Visa is conducted online. The real time website of immigration has now been enabled to perform the task of fetching the status report of Entry permit validity, eDNRD applications status, residence validity and eForm Application status.

How To Check The Status Of Visa?

This is service is nurtured by GDRFA-Dubai via eDNRD web portal. The status of requisite applied immigration form in the DNRD can be easily checked via Dubai immigration portal just by entering the basis information such as its smart form number or application number.  The application number is provided along with the yellow page that you fetch while visa interview. The application number is mentioned on the top of the yellow paper. Moreover, one can easily check the current status of visa by feeding the visa number in the provided dialog box of the portal. Click Here to check the current status of the visa applied by you. In case your visa has been approved, then you need to known the formalities of submitting the passport to consultants. The entire process is regulated by two major process mentioned below:

  • Residence Application status: This is the process by which one can easily not only track but also check the status of the passport that has been submitted directly to the DNRD for stamping of visa. This would provide you the information related to proceeding of the visa whether it is “Yes” or “No”. Number of smart phone application has been introduced to check the status as well as validity of the visa and other immigration transactions. Moreover, new mobile service introduced by General Department of Residency and foreign affairs of Dubai enables the public to check the original status of Dubai visa and other transactions.
  • DNRD eService: This is an entirely computerized online system designed to minimize the time consumption wasted on management of application and other transaction in DNRD. This is an online system which is helpful for users as it saves time in making application as well as transactional service. This process is executed by apply via newly introduced

Note: Due to huge demand for Dubai visa, currently some or the other is obviously in the administrative service. This may cause delay of 2 to 6 month to complete the entire process. Therefore, it is requested not to book the plane tickets in hurry until and unless your visa is with you after completing all sort of approval service. As in case of delay, consultant section would not take any sort of responsibility of any non refundable tickets.

Above content is only for information purpose. For further queries call directly to Dubai immigration. We are a Dubai based travel agency who provide Tourist visas only.