Express Visa for Dubai to get in 1 Day

Are you recently planning for Dubai trip? Then, you may require a visa to enjoy a hassle free journey. Visa is the essential document that you may require to avail a comfortable travel from one country to another. You need to always make sure about the visa requirement that is surely going to help you in getting rid of sudden delay in the airport. You need to be sure that you have a proper visa before you enter the airport premise. Moreover, you need to even be aware of the fact that your visa is attached along with your passport.

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Which Kind Of Visa Are Offer?

Do you known which kind of visa you should apply for before entering the UAE? There are several kind of visa that is required to permit your entry in UAE depending upon several factors like nationality, purpose of your visit and duration of your stay.

    • Dubai Express Visa: But, in the case of Dubai express visa one would avail this visa within a short period of time that is just 24 hours means one day with all sort of facilities offered by regular visa.
    • Dubai Regular Visa: This is the visa that one avails on regular circumstance and the process acquires longer period of time.
14 Days Visa
30 Days Visa
90 Days Visa
Valid: 60 days after issue date
Valid: 60 days after issue date
Valid: 60 days after issue date
Adult: 70 USD / 250 AED
Adult: 100 USD / AED
Adult: 229 USD / 999 AED
Child: 70 USD / 250 AED
Child: 110 USD / AED
Child: 229 USD / 999 AED
Duration: 14 Days stay allowed
Duration: 30 Days stay allowed
Duration: 90 Days stay allowed

Which Is The Best Kind Of Visa?

Since, every one of us is busy in our day-to-day life and do not have much time for paper work therefore to get rid of the stress of extra paperwork one should prefer Dubai Express Visa. This visa option is provided for the tourist who wants to visit Dubai within a short span of time. This visa offers one a validity ranging from 14 days to 60 days and more over it’s processed in the easiest manner. This service is valid for all of the foreign countries. This visa in the case of emergency is issued within 8 to 24 hours and in regular basis occupies 3 to 4 working days. In the case of emergency the visa is put forward with additional payment of USD $100.

Documents Required:

For clear picture of the rule and regulation, you need to always keep a note on the regulation that repeatedly changes. And, to have a more perfect image, you need to check with the airline and regional UAE embassy. The details of the required documents are provided below:

Mandatory Document:

  • Colored scanned copy of passport
  • Colored passport sized photograph having white background in JPG/JPEG format.
  • Residence card copy (If applicable)

Non-Mandatory Document:

  • Marriage certificate in case you are accompanied with spouse
  • Copy of hotel booking
  • Copy of Airlines ticket

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Faqs: Can i get Dubai visa in 1 day?

Ans: Dubai express visa is for traveler who needs visa as soon as possible for their Dubai visit. Apply express visa and get e visa pdf file by email or whats app within 24 hours.