Types of Dubai Visa

Are you planning to make a visit to the most amazing place on earth? Then, the foremost thing required before your take off is the UAE visa that would grant you the permission to make a visit to this country.  The primary purpose of visa is to render the traveler with a wonderful journey without any obstacle as it permits inters country travel.

Kinds of Visa:

  • Tourist Visa: – In this case, the passport needs to have the validity of minimal period of 6 month. Moreover, to avail this visa you require few sorts of pre arrangements such as required sponsorship of UAE residents, hotel, company or travel agency. You are entitle to hold this non renewable visa for 30 days at an affordable cost, the entire processes of applying tourist visa get completed within a tenure of 7 days.
  • Transit Visa: – This type of visa is applicable to transit passengers who are stopped at Abu Dhabi International Airport for more than 8 hours and not exceeding 4 days from the calendar. This visa is sponsored by airline operating in UAE. One could avail this transit visa only if he is known to have a valid ticket for his/her onward flight. This visa is provided to those travelers who have an eye on the city tour during the short period of stay.
  • Service Visa: – Service visa is a sort of entry level service permit that is a non renewable visa sponsored by UAE Company or hotel operational in UAE. This visa is applicable for those who make a visit with their family in urgent case. If they come under following categories such as company manager, representative, sales manager, account auditors, delegate of company and carry out the commercial activities in UAE. This is visa known to offer a validity of 14 days excluding the arrival and the departure date. The entire process takes approximately 2 weeks to get completed.
  • Residential Visa: – This visa is required for those who desire to live in UAE. This visa is processed under the guideline of Immigration department in which he need to stand up to the mark of the company free zone norms within tenure of 12 months staring from the date the visa received. In case he/she fails to do this, he/she would receive the country ban title that would forbid him/her from fetching any job opportunity for 6 month. This visa is valid for 3 year and even requires a medical test and health card.
  • Visit Visa: – This is renewable form of visa that need to be sponsored either UAE resident, travel agency, company or by hotel. This visa is valid for 60 days and can be upgraded up to 90 days for stay in UAE (charges are applicable for renewable).

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