If you are from India and planning to travel to Dubai then make sure to have a valid Visa. Check out how we can help to get tourist visa at low charges. Dubai is a place of architectural marvel and is not only a hot favorite for tourists but also for people seeking employment. Whether it is for leisure or business, a visa is required to enter the UAE emirates. Visa is an important document for ensuring a proper background check before entering the country and also welfare of the citizen as well as the applicant. For Indians a visa needs to be obtained before flying to Dubai and is not available on arrival.

For Indian residents travelling to Dubai, UAE, there is a convenient and easy way of visa processing. Now you can apply for visa through our services which are affordable and extremely reliable. But before you apply, it is necessary to know the details about documents required and the visa type.

It takes around three hours of flight to reach Dubai from India. Different visa types like long term, short term, multi entry and tourist visas are available suiting ones need and purpose of stay. The following documents are a mandate for all the cases:

How Indians can apply for Dubai Visa?

  1. The original passport and a colored photocopy of the first and last page are required for initial visa application. The passport should be atleast valid for the next six months from the date of application. Observation sheet if any needs to be attached as well.
  1. Confirmed air tickets for flying to Dubai and back to the home country after visa approval.
  1. Confirmed hotel booking or proof of residence ofthe sponsor or host is sometimes required but is not a mandatory criterion.
  1. One passport sized photograph is required with the face covering almost 75% of the picture. The background should be white.
  1. The applicant should be above 22 years if travelling alone. Any male or female applicant below the age criteria, need to be accompanied by parents for the visit, without which visa will not be issued.
  1. For married couple, wife should be atleast 22 years old. Below that age, wives need to travel with her husband and is not allowed to travel alone.
  1. Security deposits are only applicable to individuals visiting Dubai for employment purposes and job immigration purposes. Tourists are generally not asked for the same. Security deposits are for safety purposes for the applicants and are refundable.

Now that you have made a checklist of all the documents, feel at ease. Just simply book through our tailored visa processing services and our expert executives will get in touch with you shortly. If you have any questions in mind, please feel free to contact us for further clarification.