What Are The Requirements For Long Term Visit Visa Dubai?

You would surely panic due to a single reason that is “What are the requirement for long term visit visa?” Then, now no need to panic as we are present at your service at every critical point related to UAE visa.

What Is A Long Term Visit Visa?

Visit visa is one of the most important things that permit your entry in UAE. This visit visa allows your entry permit in the country with a minimal validity of 60 days from the period of issue. In case one fail to visit the country within the stipulated period of time mentioned on the visit visa. Then, in such case, he/she needs to re- apply for new visit visa application that would allow their entry into the country. Visit visa is present in three different types which are mentioned as below:

  • Short term visit visa- This visa provides you the validity to stay for 30 days from the day of the arrival and it is even not renewable.
  • Long term visit visa- this type of visa provides 90 days stay from the date of visa issuing. Moreover, you even need to know that this sort of visa is not renewable.
  • Multiple entry visa: This is even the visa which is valid for 6 month from the date of receiving the visa. But you need to be careful that you need to exit the country within the tenure of 14 days soon after your arrival. In case you desire to stay for more time then you need to enter the country on the basis of single entry visit visa. Later on, you need to apply for multiple entry visa within the tenure of 5 days before arrival.

Holders of visit visa need to exit UAE on the before the expiry of the visa to avoid overstay penalty. The penalty would be charged on each day basis with every extra day stay in the country. If you want to visit UAE again, then one needs to stay for 30 days outside the country and then again re-apply for new visa.

What Are The Requirements Of UAE Visa?

The categories that are mentioned below provide you the entire details of the requirements that are applicable for visit visa. All of the requirements which need to be accomplished before arrival or during issue of visa at airport or entry point are listed below:

  • AGCC citizens: The people belonging to these criteria do not require any sort of visa. Under this category, people belonging to Arab Co- operative council (AGCC) as well as of the member states such as Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
  • AGCC residents: All of the deportee AGCC residents need to show their non renewable 30 days visit visa upon their arrival to overcome every sort of stress.
  • 33 privileged country: This is the section comprises of the listed countries name which can enjoy the privilege of not show any sort of visa documentation on their arrival. The list of the countries is mentioned below for your conveniences.
ü  Australia ü  France ü  Liechtenstein ü  San Marino
ü  Austria ü  Germany ü  Luxembourg ü  Singapore
ü  Andorra ü  Greece ü  Malaysia ü  South Korea
ü  Belgium ü  Hong Kong ü  Monaco ü  Spain
ü  Brunei ü  Iceland ü  Netherlands ü  Sweden
ü  Canada ü  Ireland ü  New Zealand ü  Switzerland
ü  Denmark ü  Italy ü  Norway ü  United Kingdom
ü  Finland ü  Japan ü  Portugal ü  USA
ü  Vatican
  • Other Nationalities: All tourists who arrives from different countries which are not mentioned above do requires a sponsor from UAE resident of UAE or other organization such as hotel, travel agency and company. This sponsorship is uttermost important to obtain the visit visa of UAE.
  • Security Deposit: This security deposit is refundable. But, this deposit fee is charged for specific reason from the tourist bellowing to following countries such as Iraqi, Algerian, Tunisian, Libyan and Moroccan.