It is better to the know the rules and laws of Dubai if you are traveling there. These are top 10 don’t do activity when visiting there. Dubai being the in demand destination of the moment, a lot of people are flocking there, whether as a visiting tourist, or as an expatriate to live there. But, just like any other country, it is very necessary to understand the rules and laws that you need to abide by while staying in the country.

Rules of Dubai that Tourist should be aware of

Given below are some main areas which need to be focussed upon. It is of utmost importance that you are aware of these regulations before making any wrong moves and getting penalised, arrested or even deported. If you are careful and attentive, Dubai can be a pleasurable and fun experience for you.


Alcohol is allowed in Dubai but subject to some governing restrictions. Only people who are non-Muslims, are allowed consumption of alcohol in Dubai, in places that are licensed to serve alcohol. If you happen to be a resident of Dubai, you are free to apply for a liquor license that allows you to purchase alcohol and consume it in the confines of your own home. It is illegal to purchase any alcohol, or drink alcohol at home without a valid liquor license. Drinking and driving in the UAE is absolutely forbidden. If you are caught with even trace amounts of alcohol in your system while driving, you shall be immediately arrested, imprisoned and possibly deported. So, if you plan to go out and party with friends, better abstain or take a taxi.

Dress Code

Tourists are encouraged to dress conservatively whenever they are in public areas such as malls, restaurants and streets. Emiratis dress conservatively and expect the same from tourists. Generally, never wear anything too short, see-through or too revealing in public spaces. It is acceptable at the beach to wear swim suits, although it is illegal to go top-less.

Once you leave the pool or the beach then make sure that you must cover your body with a cover garment. If you don’t follow their laid down laws, it is viewed as public indecency and you may end up in prison.

Driving Offenses

Driving in Dubai is fast and people abide to driving laws strictly. Breaking the traffic laws here can lead to severe fines, imprisonment and even your car being impounded.


There is a zero tolerance policy for drugs in Dubai. It even extends to some prescription medications and some over the counter medicines that may be legal in your home country.Before coming to the UAE,find out what you can bring in.

Public Displays of Affection

If you are a married couple, holding hands in public is about as much affection you want to show. Kissing and other forms of physical affection is not tolerated in public.

Religious Issues

The primary religion is Islam, and everyone is allowed their religious freedom. However, anything disrespecting Islam will automatically result in fines and imprisonment. Muslims are called to pray five times a day. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast for the whole day till sunset, hence it is inappropriate for you to be seen eating, drinking or smoking in public during this month as.

Sexual Harassment

Expatriate men are absolutely not allowed to approach any local lady in public, take her photo without her permission or follow her around. These are viewed as disrespectful and unacceptable behaviour, and you may be prosecuted for it.

Sexual Relations

Living together if you are not married, is illegal in Dubai. Although hotels, especially the ones catering to International tourists, do not enforce the ‘married couples only’ rule that strictly, it is best not to garner much attention.If you and your partner conceive a baby in the UAE and you are not married, you and your partner will face imprisonment.


Smoking is banned in all offices and public places such as shopping malls. There are designated smoking places located all over the city.

Working in Dubai

You should never attempt to work illegally in Dubai without a legal work permit for the UAE. It is necessary to get all the approved paper work before taking up a job. Or else, it can land you in jail and then deportation.

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