If you are Filipino and traveling to UAE then you must obtain a valid Visa. Find out how we can help to get your visa application approved – requirements to cost details Dubai situated in the UAE is one of the most sought after destinations in the world which is not only enthralling with its cityscape but also pretty expensive. Thus it becomes important to go through the visa processing formalities smoothly and be thoroughly informed about the complex documentation procedure.

Dubai Visa for Filipinos

Philippines is an Island located in the south eastern part of Asia in the Western Pacific area. The distance between Manila to Dubai is almost 10 hours of flight. Entering into the UAE requires Filipino people to acquire a visa prior to arrival. Few mandatory documents are required to be produced during the processing of visa.

Procedure to apply for Visa

  1. A valid passport proving Filipino nationality – At least six months validity should be there from the date of arrival in UAE. The same needs to have authorized signature of the passport holder. A copy of the original needs to be submitted.
  2. A letter from the sponsor or the host is a mandate – In case of visiting an individual, the invitation letter should come from the concerned host. In case of visiting a company, the letter should be on the company letter head. For both the cases, reason for visit and duration of visit should be clearly mentioned from the host or the sponsor.
  3. The host or individual should produce a valid passport as well as a proof of residency in the UAE. In case of host Company it should be able to provide valid address proof of its office. Also, a license of the UAE Company should be provided.
  4. Flight confirmation tickets should be produced during visa processing. The flight tickets can be of any leading UAE flights.
  5. Hotel booking for at least two days with all the necessary details of the concerned accommodation in case of visiting Dubai as a tourist.
  6. In case of students, retired personnel, housewives visiting Dubai, the applicant’s bank statement needs to be provided to prove that their conditions permit them to be financially strong and can bear the expenses of visiting the country.
  7. In case of employment, a certificate stating the position of the applicant needs to be provided on the company letter head.
  8. In case of business personnel, the applicant should provide a trade license in the UAE.
  9. A cover letter needs to be attached with the above documents from the applicant stating clearly the purpose and duration of visit along with a short bio-data
  10. Two passport sized colored photographs with 80% of the space covering the face are a mandate.

With all the above documents in hand, visa processing becomes very easy and smooth. If one wants to cut the cue and apply at the ease of one’s home, you can click here and our representative will get in touch with you at the earliest. Both long term and short term visas for the UAE are available for Filipino to be availed depending on the purpose. Any other document deemed required can also be asked during the processing of visa.