List of Banned food items in Dubai Airport

List of Banned food items in Dubai Airport

Are you going on a holiday to Dubai? Are you relocating to the city with your family for a new job? Whatever the reason for the trip, it is natural for you to think whether the city does not allow any item. In this article, we are going to concentrate on those  prohibited item which are in Dubai Airport. More specifically, we are going to discuss food items for non-commercial use.

Banned Food Item List in Dubai Airport

There are certain restrictions that the UAE government has imposed on importing food items for individual use.

A resolution was passed to this effect. It takes into account all imported food items for non-commercial reasons. The food items include:

  • Personal food
  • Research food samples
  • Marketing studies food
  • Non-sale foods to be used in festivals and exhibitions

The resolution imposes some restrictions on the quantity of some personal food items that individuals bring into the city. Some instances are veggies and fruits of 10 kg, dates of 100 kg, and fish and seafood of 10 Kg.

10 kg is the maximum amount for special-purpose food items that include children’s food. 20 liters is the maximum for syrups and drinks. The limit for juice concentrates and canned food are 5 Kg and 25kg respectively.

List of Banned Food Item List in Dubai Airport

Below, we are going to elaborate on some such restrictions.

1) Import of food for research or studies

Bringing in food for use in research or studies is only allowed following approval from the UAE authority. Documents that the sender issued with full particulars of the food items should be given to the UAE authority.

2) Import of food for promotion and marketing studies

People can bring in food for use in promotion and marketing studies after they acquire the approval of the UAE authority. They should present the UAE authority with comprehensive documentation on the food items.

3) Import of food for fairs and festivals

Non-sale food for use in fairs and festival-scan be imported following approval by the relevant bodies in Dubai. The event organizer must give the concerned authority the documents. The document must have the completereport of the events, the participants, and the time and place of the events.

4) Cigarettes and alcohol

People can bring cigarettes and alcohol into Dubai. However, there are certain criterions for this.

A person must be aged over 18 years to be able to carry alcoholic beverages or allowable cigarettes into Dubai.

The maximum amount of beers and alcoholic beverages that people can bring into Dubai is 2 cartons and 4 liters respectively. One carton has 24 cans of beer, and every can has 355 ml.

The maximum number of cigarettes that can be brought into Dubai is 400. The price for all of them must not be more than AED 2000.

A person can carry cigars worth a maximum of AED 3000.

5) Pork

It is technically illegal to bring Pork and Haram items into Dubai for personal use. So, a wise thing to do is not carry pork for your use. They will be considered contraband and will lead to confiscation and possibly fine.

6) Baby Food

People who travel to Dubai with their babies may need to carry baby food. It is mandatory to carry them separately on the flight. The baby foods that people check into Dubai Airport have to be well sealed. This rule goes for a baby’s sterilized water and soya milk. It is good to verify with the governing authority in Dubai airport before the travel.

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7) LAGS for consumption

LAGS for consumption include water and different drinks, SYNP, jams, soups,stews, pastes, and sauces. People can carry them on a flight to Dubai. Some regulations apply to them at Dubai airport. The containers for carrying them should not be more than 100ml. The containers must be taken in a see-through re-sealable plastic bag. A passenger cannot have more than one such bag.

8) Home-cooked and food from restaurants

Those planning a trip to Dubai should think again before taking any cooked food item. Dubai customs don’t allow home-cooked food and foods from restaurants. Were you thinking of making a delicacy for their friend in Dubai? If yes, you will have to drop the idea.

9) Bakery products and other food products that have poppy seeds

Poppy seeds are tiny and tend to stick together. Thus, they’re usually dry-roasted or ground ahead of use. Several countries sprinkle poppy seeds onto bread, biscuits, bagels,cakes, and more. Poppy seeds are banned in Dubai. Those carrying bakery products to Dubai must check that they don’t have poppy seeds.

10) Smokeless Tobacco

Betel leaf, Qat leaf, nut gutkha, and niswar are a common practice in some countries. However, they are banned in Dubai.


There are regulations on the food items that people can carry to Dubai for personal use. There are limits on the amount of some foods while some foods are banned. People should respect the regulations.