List of Dubai Visa FAQs that you should be aware of before applying for UAE Visa –

  1. Who can apply for Dubai visa?
    Any person can visit Dubai who desire to visit Dubai via airlines, if he/she need to have their countries PPT.
  2. Why one prefers applying for visa via  UAE processing center?
    If you are applying through UAE processing center, then you are sure to experience a convenient and affordable process that make you stress-free from the process of searching a local sponsor at Dubai.
  3. How many days before one need to apply for visa, before travel?
    One need to apply for the visa 1 or 2 month before the date of travel as the visa is valid for 58 days from the date of issue.
  4. Can I know weather all the visa fee is inclusive of all the charges or any additional service charges are applicable?
    As per the norms, visa fee includes all the charges and no additional charges are included.
  5. what is a Visa?
    Visa is an electronic generated documentation that is directly updated on the Airlines PNR and you would receive the soft copy of the visa in the form of mail or even can be collected from the application centre. But, you must remember to carry its hard copy during your travel.
  6. What charges are applicable for infants?
    Yes, the charges are applicable for infant similar to the adult’s passenger.
  7. Does this visa is applicable for single or multiple entry?
    This visa allows single entry.
  8. Does this visa permit entry and exit from any airport of UAE?
    No. One can avail their entry and exit from Dubai airport only. But, this does not forbid him/her from the travel to different part of UAE.
  9. Does the BLE visa processing centre provide Work Permit Visa or Residence Visa?
    This visa centre process tourism visa only and not residential or work permit visa as this visa is provided by the UAE embassy.
  10. What are the payment options for visa fee?
    If you are applying from a visa centre, then you may choose to pay in cash to avoid delay in process.
  11. Is there any requirement for insurance before applying for a UAE visa?
    You do not require insurance to avail UAE visa but it is mandatory to have insurance for travelling.
  12. can we receive visa via email or FAX options?
    Howsoever, you cannot receive the visa via FAX but can fetch it’s via email subjected to terms and condition applicable while application.
  13. Which nation citizen is eligible for “Visa on Arrival”?
    If your nation appears in the list mentioned below then you do not require any sort of pre-arrangement to be made for a visit to UAE. Simply, you need to board a flight and reach Dubai international airport where you would be processed to immigration and your passport would be stamped with a visit visa of 30 days validity. The eligible countries are:
Ø  Australia Ø  Iceland Ø  SanMarino
Ø  Andorra Ø  Ireland Ø  Singapore
Ø  Austria Ø  Italy Ø  SouthKorea
Ø  Brunei Ø  Japan Ø  Spain
Ø  Belgium Ø  Liechtenstein Ø  Sweden
Ø  Denmark Ø  Luxembourg Ø  Switzerland
Ø  Finland Ø  Malaysia Ø  United Kingdom
Ø  France Ø  Monaco Ø  United States of America
Ø  Germany Ø  Netherlands Ø  The Vatican
Ø  Greece Ø  NewZealand Ø Portugal
Ø  Hong Kong Ø  Norway


Other nations that are holding the tag of GCC nations such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are even entitled for visa on arrival.

  1. What is the time required for processing of tourist visa?
    The time occupied for processing of the visa is approximately 3 to 4 working days.