Transit Visa Dubai

This popular transit visa is valid for 48 hours however can be extended to max 96 hours. Apply online without any visa fees if you are a transit passenger.  Dubai is extremely famous among all explorers for recreation travel and jewellery shopping. UAE has endorsed new visa rules which enable the travel explorers to visit Dubai for 96 hours with no visa chargeThe transit travelers can enjoy the benefits of transit visa and cherish the travel memory of Dubai for lifetime.

Who can Apply? 

One could appreciate a short stay over of two days at Dubai without paying any visa expense on the off chance that you are a transit traveler traveling to other global destinations. Residents of UAE have free entry visa nations and don’t have to pre-arrange any visa whether they are in travel or venturing out to Dubai as a destination. Nationals of Afghanistan, Iraq, Niger, Somalia, or Yemen probably won’t be qualified for a 96 hour travel visa.

When one can get the Transit Visa? 

Getting a transit visa on landing in Dubai is possible however it is by all accounts somewhat a game of chance regardless of whether you can get one, regardless of whether you appear to tick all the boxes that are requirements for being qualified for a travel visa on entry. What’s more, even to the degree that what works for one individual doesn’t work for someone else despite the fact that they satisfy the majority of similar conditions. It’s greatly improved in the event that you attempt to pre-organize one.

How one can get the Transit Visa? 

One should pre-apply the transit visa through the airlines, travel agencies, or UAE hotels that you are reserved with. None of them are probably going to arrange a transit visa for you except if you are a customer.

Transit Visa applications take 1-2 weeks for ordinary preparing once all the right information have been submitted, and 2-3 days for urgent applications. You should pay for one night in a Dubai hotel to get a transit visa. Urgent applications can be handled in some cases for an additional AED 100 approximately.

What are the advantages? 

A huge percent of general voyagers travel through Dubai consistently and it is a fantasy for everybody to visit Dubai and appreciate the dazzling city. Transit visa is extraordinary compared to other steps taken by the Government of UAE for the tourists. The traveler gets the opportunity to visit unconditionally inside the nation for two days and appreciate the charming city without limits.

What documents are required? 

  • The traveler must have a genuine international passport and an affirmed onward booking to a third destination.
  • Passport ought to be valid for at least a half year from date of section to the UAE.
  • The traveler must guarantee that the travel time between his original and connecting  flight is between 8 hours and 4 schedule days.
  • The traveler must have a confirmed hotel reservation in the UAE.
  • Must hold return ticket.

What is the time limit or validity period?

About, 75 percent of universal voyagers travel through Dubai. So the choice to concede free 48-hour transit visas is relied upon to additionally expand the quantity of guests to UAE.

  • The traveler must leave the UAE within 96 hours (four days) of entry, or 14 days after the visa was issued.

Joined Arab Emirates has chosen to concede free transit visas for two days, which can likewise be reached out for up to 96 hours by paying 50 Dirham. The UAE government likewise declared that various express counter at the international passport control hall crosswise over UAE airplane terminals will be set up for getting snappy travel visa.