Wanted to apply for Work Permit in Dubai for about 2 years? Check the current price applicable for 2018 years those who wanted to stay with spouse or job purpose. Dubai has been the queen of the Middle East and has been a hot favourite amongst millions of people across the globe. It is not only a buzzing modern city with extraordinary architecture but also a hub for major business and work.

Hundreds of tourists flock to this dazzling city for seep in its magnificent grandeur where on the other hand there is a major chunk of people who are into serious business and work. From every corner of the world people aspire to work amidst the luxurious setting of Dubai and travel far off from their home country in order to secure a better living for themselves. Short term travel visa is generally easier to procure and has fewer restrictions. For work stay is longer and visa requirement and issue are under strict rules and regulations.

Long Term Visa Types:

There are generally two conditions where one opts for a two year long visa for stay in Dubai:

  1. for work and
  2. for long term stay with spouse.

Work can be as a job in a particular authorized company or establishing a business for oneself. A dependent stay, can that be with one’s family or as a household help. For all instances a long term visa is required for prolonged stay.

Conditions for long term (2 Years) Visa in Dubai

For work visa, a work permit is required and the later is a dependent long term stay visa. For both the instances a sponsorship is mandatory for issue of visa. A company when employing foreign workers becomes the sponsor for the person depending on which the visa is issued. For independent business a Partner’s Visa is issued which is renewed every three years.

One can apply for 2-3 Years work permit in Dubai, however the company has to sponsorship or the candidate will have to pay the Visa fees

Individuals planning to settle with family or stay long term without employment also needs a sponsor, generally that of a husband or a family member. The person is not allowed to work for anyone else other than the sponsor. For helps, maids, drivers and the like generally a Azad Visa is opted for where the person is not under the restriction of working for anyone in particular but has very limited job options, only allowed for odd jobs. The person is not under any labor laws and cannot claim any right as a worker. This visa type is generally not a favorable option.

What are the fees for 2 years visa ?

Now that we know the various long term visa types a typical two year work visa covers charges for medical fitness, visa stamping, ministry of labor and other fringe benefits. It generally costs about AED 7000 inclusive of all taxes and processing fees. More detailed information are  as follows:

  • 3500 AED is refundable deposit
  • 3500 AED  approx  fees including medical test stamping etc
  • 200-250 AED typing charges u can say
  • Renewal cost 3000 AED approx  and deposit will continues
  • In case of cancellation of particular visa deposit is given back

Other things to consider while apply for 2-3 years visa:

  • If you are employee in any company in Dubai, then the Company needs to bear all expenses
  • If you are partner or owner you need to bear all the expenses
  • Dependent visa for wife and child is personal things, so the father or husband needs to bear the expenses.

You can know more about long term visa requirements detail over here.

What if someone is found working without work permit?

According to the UAE government rules the person is allowed to work only for the company which is sponsoring him and none other than that. Violating these rules will lead to a fine/imprisonment or deployment. The sponsor is also charged on the same grounds where employment is provided to someone not sponsored by him. A minimum fine of AED 50,000 is charged in this case. This holds good for individuals on dependent visa without work permit. If caught working for anyone other than the sponsor, violation penalties remain the same as above.

How is a work permit obtained?

Work permit is generally done through the company working for. They apply and process the Labor Card based on the foreign employment quota. For setting up a business one needs a local citizen as a sponsor in order to process the work visa.


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