UAE Residence Visa is the most important document required legally to reside in Dubai. For majority of tax exile required to enter in Dubai, one need the UAE Residence Visa that needs to be sponsored by the UAE based company along with the additional documents such as labor card or work permit. This document is considered to be the most essential document as it is useful in opening the bank account, registration of vehicle, driving license, etc.

What Do You Mean By Expiry And Cancellation Of Residence Visa?

Expiry of residence visa is possible only even the residence visa is valid. There a minor difference of between “expiry” and cancellation of visa. The expiry of residence visa takes place from the date stamped on the residence visa and this causes inactivation of the visa. But, the cancellation of residence visa is considered to be an active process which even needs to be executed if the visa gets expired. Therefore, one does not need to get confused with these two terms.

Cancellation Process Of The UAE Residence Visa:

This process is entirely executed by company or sponsors or company. In case they do not take responsibility of the process, you need to make visit to the UAE Immigration department which is liable for issuing visa along with passport. They are always present to continue the process of cancellation. You need to pay off a required fee and get the documentation work done at highest priority. In case, you are oversea then, in this case the sponsor needs to take care of the entire process on your behalf. As per the UAE federation, people need to have a valid residence visa. In case, you have has left the country for more than 6 month then in this case the UAE Residence Visas get cancelled and one need to re-apply it again which is called as In–Pass.

Procedure that need to be execute for the cancellation of UAE residence visa involves few of the document process and Fees that need to proceeded for cancellation.

Document required:

  • Application of residence visa cancellation (sponser’s signature mandatory)
  • Original passport of the sponsored
  • Sponser’s passport copy
  • UAE original identity card

Fee structure for cancellation:

Usually a sum of 70 AED is the required for the cancellation which is actually the cancellation fee that needs to be paid via e-form at the typist centre.  According the local system of public prosecutor following penalty structure is processed:

  • 15 AED /day for first 180 days
  • 30 AED/day for second 180 days
  • 50 AED/day for passing tenure of 1 year

In case of ministry system the penalty fees structure changes,

  • 25 AED/ day for first 6 month
  • 50 AED/ day for second 6 month
  • 1000 AED/day for passing more than one year

Above content is only for information purpose. For further queries call directly to Dubai immigration. We are a Dubai based travel agency who provide Tourist visas only.