How to get UAE Residency Visa: Complete Guide

Citizens of numerous nations are keen on settling in Dubai. People who are sponsored by an employer can acquire residency in Dubai. Dubai residence visa has to be renewed at intervals of three years. One more way of acquiring residency in this emirate is by the purchase of the real estate. Those who’ve got residency are free to open bank accounts in the city.

HOw to get Dubai Residency Visa

A foreigner may get a Residency Visa if he/she fulfill the following:

There are several ways to get the citizenship in Dubai, UAE, however, have to qualify either of the given points. Our agency is experienced in several business matters. Those who want to open a corporation in Dubai will get proper guidance from Apply Dubai Visa, and our team will guide you how to proceed.

1) Acquiring Residency via Occupation in Dubai

Occupation in Dubai

Who applies for Dubai residency the most? The answer is people working for a Dubai company or joining their family members working and living in the city. In these cases, sponsorship by the employer and that by a UAE national is required.

Those starting work for a Dubai company will be given an entry permit. This permit will let them relocate to Dubai before the authorization of the residency permit. Their Dubai Company must apply for approval to employ a foreigner and have to submit its trade license. As the validity of the entry permit is two months, it is necessary to acquire residency within this time.

The income of Expatriates sponsoring the members of their family for acquiring Dubai residence visa has to be:

  • No less than 3,000 AED when the employer provides accommodation
  • No less than 4,000 AED when they provide accommodation

Free zone authorities will give Visas to applicants for residency through employment right after they submit all the required documents.

2) Residency by the Purchase of a Property in Dubai

Property in Dubai

One more way of acquiring a residence visa for the city is with the purchase of the real estate. While individuals who have got a high income can avail this option, many foreign enterprisers attain Dubai residency by investment in real estate.

There are quite a few conditions for acquiring a residence visa in this way. Firstly, the said property must be complete upon the acquisition, and secondly, its value cannot be below 1 million AED. A residence visa acquired with the purchase of a property in the city is valid for two years and doesn’t allow the applicant to work here. What is the advantage of this sort of residency? It’s that the person does not have to register a corporation in Dubai.

3) Residency via Company Registration in the City

Company Registration

Most people acquire Dubai residency by registering a corporation in the city or any of its free zones. Does the opening of an onshore company involve sponsorship by the local partner? In this case, registration of a corporation in a free zone in Dubai is advantageous. The registration allows complete ownership of the corporation. Foreigners with this sort of residency visa are free to be shareholders in a local corporation and hire workers in Dubai.

A residence visa acquired by the opening of a corporation in the city is valid for three years and is renewable.

Our representatives will assist applicants with the documents associated with the opening of corporations in Dubai or any free zone.

4) An important thing related to relocating to Dubai

Relocate Dubai

A good number of foreigners relocating to this emirate also apply for the visas of their family members. They can acquire a residence visa for their close family members that include spouses, kids, and even parents.

The applicants have to fulfill specific criteria for bringing the members of their families to Dubai. One is that the applicants’ salary cannot be less than 4,000 AED or 3,000 AED. However, they should know that additional funds are necessary for accommodation.

Those who wish to bring their parents can get sponsorship from their employer. Nonetheless, their salary cannot be less than 10,000 AED.

There is another criterion for bringing family members to Dubai. The residence permit holder has to make an application for an entry residence visa for them. He or she has to get on with this procedure 30 days ahead of their arrival.

5) No Criminal Record

Last but not the least, the applicant shouldn’t have any criminal record. Having such record will eliminate the application.


The conditions for acquiring Dubai residency are less stringent now. This is the reason for an increasing number of foreigners moving to the UAE. The UAE government also offer various incentives to foreigners relocating to Dubai for occupation or doing business.