What is the procedure for Cancellation of Dubai Visa?

Many people come to UAE on employment visa and get panicked at the time of immediately leaving. So, to make you get rid of all worries we have mentioned below all requirements that is essential for the cancellation of employment visa. Your task would ease out when you would follow the below mentioned procedures.

Dubai Visa

Required Document:

  • Original passport
  • Original Labour Card (Work Permit)
  • Original E-Signature card of Authorized signatory
  • copy of labour establishment card
  • copy of trade license
  • copy of immigration establishment card
  • Typed application for Labour and Immigration separately

Labour Card Cancellation Fee

Labour card cancellation at Tas’heel Centre is liable of no governmental fee. But, you may require to make the payment of DH53 as service charges that need to be processed by E-dirham card at Thas’heel centre. This card can be easily purchased from any branch of National bank of Abu Dhabi or even from Aafaq Islamic Finance Company foundation which is discovered at Thas’heel branches. You need to carry along with you, your’s Emirate ID and passport copy for purchase of the E-dirham card.

Visa Cancellation Fee:

In visa cancellation, one need to pay approximately Dh 60 along with the extra charges to be paid for typing at the typist centre for cancellation of the visa in the passport office. To execute this process, you need to follow the steps:

  • You need to first type the application form as well as apply the stamp of the company followed with the signature of the sponsor.
  • The labor form needs to have the signature of the sponsor in the format of E-signature card punching.
  • Moreover, the employee’s signature need to be present below the statement inscribed as “I certify that I received all my dues and entitlements”. You need to be aware of the fact that you do not sign this before you settle all your dues with the sponser.
  • Submit the Labour form at Thas’heel centers along with the amount of DH40. On the other side, receipt of immigration form is to be submitted at Immigration counter in addition to original passport. Labour card cancellation is easily executed in the Tas’heel centre and do not require to be forwarded to Ministry of Labour.

Additional Information:

Grace period: You need to execute the cancellation process of visa available in passport within a short tenure of 30 days from the date of cancellation of labour card. You are forbidden of flying before cancelling your visa. 30 days grace period is offered from the date of Labour card cancellation.

Emirate ID: You do not require Emirate ID for visa cancellation as it gets automatically cancelled with the visa cancellation. You need to have a copy of it for future reference in case you come on new employment visa.

Dependents visa: In case an applicant has sponsored dependents likes Spouse, maid, children. Then their visa needs to get cancelled first before cancelling sponser’s visa. In case, you are joining another job or has received new employment visa then you need to deposit a sum of Dh5000 at the head office of immigration that is located at Jafliya to pause the process of cancellation of dependent visa. You would get the DH 5000 back as soon as the current visa get stamped.

New Salary Criteria: In order to deposit DH5000, the applicant needs to provide the flowing documents:

  • Original passport
  • Labour card cancellation slip
  • Offer letter of new Arabia sponser
  • Original passport of dependents
  • Offer letter with monthly salary of not less than Dh 20,000

You need to submit all this documents at Immigration head office located in Jafiliya. To continue the processing the approval of senior officer is required.