Dubai visa on Arrival

Can I get visa on arrival in Dubai?

Dubai visa on arrival is made fairly easy in order to promote tourism and shopping in the country. In recent years, Dubai has also become a popular tourist destination. The fancy buildings and shopping festivals are something that everyone wants to visit. Moreover, the Dubai visa on arrival facility makes it even easier for people who want to travel to Dubai for a short period.

Visa exemption for EU Citizens:
Citizens of the European Union can now enter the United Arab Emirates without a visa. A corresponding agreement was signed on 6 May 2015 between representatives of the EU and the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Brussels. So far, travelers from the European Union have been allowed to stay in the United Arab Emirates for 30 days. The required visa was issued directly upon arrival. After the visa has been omitted, EU citizens are allowed to visit the emirates for a maximum of 90 days within a period of 180 days. Only a valid passport is required. Although the agreement has yet to be ratified by the European Parliament, it has been provisionally put into force until further notice. German nationals are given a free visa (passport stamp) during passport checks to enter the United Arab Emirates.

Eligible Countries for Visa on Arrival
Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brunei, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Kuwait, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland (Except the British overseas citizens), United States of America and Vatican.

Also, citizens from the Gulf Cooperation Council do not require a visa to visit Dubai.

Processing time and duration of visa
For a 30-day visa, the processing time varied from 3-4 working days. However, the express visa was processed in 24-48 hours. But now with the visa on arrival facility, it is just a matter of few minutes after you arrive at the Dubai airport that you get your visa

Visa Fees
There are no visa fees for countries that are eligible for visa on arrival for Dubai.

Documents Required
You don’t need a lot of documents to get your visa stamped at Dubai. Just make sure you have the following things:
1. A confirmed return airline ticket or a ticket to some other destination
2. A valid passport with your signature with enough stamping pages and have an expiry dates more than 6-months from your time of arrival.

The best thing about on arrival visas is also that it does not require long processing time and can be attained very quickly. The Visa on arrival at Dubai airport makes it very easy for people who make impromptu plans of traveling to Dubai. If you belong to one of the above-mentioned nationalities, all you need to do is pack your bags and go for a trip to the beautiful Dubai.


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We all look for good opportunistic and promising destinations when it comes to searching for a job. Isn’t it? This is what makes Dubai the most sort after option for many job seekers. The amazing part is that it is a hub for almost all types of elitist jobs in every field that you may be searching for. And guess what? The icing on the cake is that you don’t need to invest heavily on the financing. How about earning handsomely without burning a big hole in your pocket? Isn’t the idea tempting to make you take the right decision? You just need to follow a few exquisite tips which can make it easy for you to search the job in the city. Stay tuned to know how you can get a job in this city with multitude opportunities in store for you.

Have you ever encountered this term before? Well, it is the key for getting a job in Dubai. Basically you need to identify Strengths, Weaknesses ,Opportunities and Threats in the city. This would give you a fair idea about your chances of getting a job in this cosmopolitan city. Also, you need to analyze the situations and trends in Dubai which would help you to search a job for yourself more efficiently. After all you would be investing your precious time and money, hence make sure it’s worth all your efforts.


It is extremely essential for you to conduct an extensive market research which can help you to know the latest market trends in the sector in which you are wanting to seek a job. It is always advisable to systematically analyze various important factors before you plan to settle in the city. Also, you need to know your own capabilities and make sure that your skill set matches the job requirements in the city.


With increasing use of technology, employers are now-a-days looking for options of eliminating the prospective candidates at an earlier stage. The popular trend of building an online CV and cover letters has hence become time saving and efficient. Employers also look for tech savvy candidates who are adept and up-to-date with market trends. Hence, you can go for building an online CV which would increase your chances of getting hired. Just make sure that you make it professional before uploading it on various job sites. Also, creating an online profile can be a good idea. You can link it to various online job platforms like and

You need to keep in mind that Dubai is hotspot for various job opportunities and thousand of people apply every day. You have to be persistent in your otherwise without losing hope. Also, make sure that you keep updating your CV on regular basis. You may also keep checking for job fairs which would give you a glimpse of what your employers could be expecting from you.

Hence, in a nutshell, getting a job in Dubai is simplistic if you know the right strategies to follow. You also need to make up your mind about visiting Dubai on visit visa. It’s advisable that you start preparing for interviews because you won’t get time to rehearse beforehand once you get a call from the employer.

Dubai Leisure Visa

Dubai Leisure Visa – Open for all nationality 

The Dubai leisure visa is as electronic visa. There are distinctive sorts of visas, and the guest’s reason for visit to Dubai can decide the kind of visa that one ought to apply for. Indeed, the essentials and documentation varies but basic documents required are passport copy and return air ticket. There may additional documents too that immigration can ask for like marriage certificate, birth certificate etc if any. For example, If you are applying for a Dubai visa on the web, the candidate, alongside holding a legitimate international passport, must guarantee that he has not been ban from entering the UAE (Dubai) or any past travel history in Dubai.

Dubai Leisure Visa – 90 days visa available for Pakistani’s and Filipino nationals

Dubai Immigration Department has expressed and confirmed that, until the further notice, no 90-days Dubai tourist visas will be issued for the two Pakistani and Filipino nationalities. That does not imply that you can’t visit the UAE by any means; in this case, You can apply 30 days tourist visa and 90 days leisure visa for Dubai.

30 days tourist visa – AED 370 /- per person only

90 days leisure visa – AED 1999 /- per person only

What do I have to apply?

  1. A copy of guarantor’s passport’s copy with visa page
  2. A copy of your Emirates ID
  3. A copy of each visitor’s passport’s main page
  4. Passport’s should have a minimum validity of 3 months
  5. If the visitor is your spouse or relative, Do inform same to our agent.
  6. Additional cheque or cash deposit of up to AED 5,500 may be required for certain visitors (not applicable for family visas*).

Converse with our Travel Experts on + 971 4 2698986 or get in touch with us to discover more. You would now be able to contact us on Whatsapp on + 971 56 2778434 for the same.

Our devoted group of visa experts available for you to manage your visa bookings with us and also here to help you. We at Jashan Tourism have practical experience in differed parts of visa application, let it be business, 14-day, 30-day, 90-day or 96 hour visa. Regardless of whether you intend to travel Dubai for leisure or officially settled here and need your family or companions to go along with you, book our on time visa services for Dubai.


It is better to the know the rules and laws of Dubai if you are traveling there. These are top 10 don’t do activity when visiting there. Dubai being the in demand destination of the moment, a lot of people are flocking there, whether as a visiting tourist, or as an expatriate to live there. But, just like any other country, it is very necessary to understand the rules and laws that you need to abide by while staying in the country.

Rules of Dubai that Tourist should be aware of

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The Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai

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The Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai

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What is the 2 year Dubai Visa Cost

Wanted to apply for Work Permit in Dubai for about 2 years? Check the current price applicable for 2018 years those who wanted to stay with spouse or job purpose. Dubai has been the queen of the Middle East and has been a hot favourite amongst millions of people across the globe. It is not only a buzzing modern city with extraordinary architecture but also a hub for major business and work.

Hundreds of tourists flock to this dazzling city for seep in its magnificent grandeur where on the other hand there is a major chunk of people who are into serious business and work. From every corner of the world people aspire to work amidst the luxurious setting of Dubai and travel far off from their home country in order to secure a better living for themselves. Short term travel visa is generally easier to procure and has fewer restrictions. For work stay is longer and visa requirement and issue are under strict rules and regulations.

Long Term Visa Types:

There are generally two conditions where one opts for a two year long visa for stay in Dubai:

  1. for work and
  2. for long term stay with spouse.

Work can be as a job in a particular authorized company or establishing a business for oneself. A dependent stay, can that be with one’s family or as a household help. For all instances a long term visa is required for prolonged stay.

Conditions for long term (2 Years) Visa in Dubai

For work visa, a work permit is required and the later is a dependent long term stay visa. For both the instances a sponsorship is mandatory for issue of visa. A company when employing foreign workers becomes the sponsor for the person depending on which the visa is issued. For independent business a Partner’s Visa is issued which is renewed every three years.

One can apply for 2-3 Years work permit in Dubai, however the company has to sponsorship or the candidate will have to pay the Visa fees

Individuals planning to settle with family or stay long term without employment also needs a sponsor, generally that of a husband or a family member. The person is not allowed to work for anyone else other than the sponsor. For helps, maids, drivers and the like generally a Azad Visa is opted for where the person is not under the restriction of working for anyone in particular but has very limited job options, only allowed for odd jobs. The person is not under any labor laws and cannot claim any right as a worker. This visa type is generally not a favorable option.

What are the fees for 2 years visa ?

Now that we know the various long term visa types a typical two year work visa covers charges for medical fitness, visa stamping, ministry of labor and other fringe benefits. It generally costs about AED 7000 inclusive of all taxes and processing fees. More detailed information are  as follows:

  • 3500 AED is refundable deposit
  • 3500 AED  approx  fees including medical test stamping etc
  • 200-250 AED typing charges u can say
  • Renewal cost 3000 AED approx  and deposit will continues
  • In case of cancellation of particular visa deposit is given back

Other things to consider while apply for 2-3 years visa:

  • If you are employee in any company in Dubai, then the Company needs to bear all expenses
  • If you are partner or owner you need to bear all the expenses
  • Dependent visa for wife and child is personal things, so the father or husband needs to bear the expenses.

You can know more about long term visa requirements detail over here.

What if someone is found working without work permit?

According to the UAE government rules the person is allowed to work only for the company which is sponsoring him and none other than that. Violating these rules will lead to a fine/imprisonment or deployment. The sponsor is also charged on the same grounds where employment is provided to someone not sponsored by him. A minimum fine of AED 50,000 is charged in this case. This holds good for individuals on dependent visa without work permit. If caught working for anyone other than the sponsor, violation penalties remain the same as above.

How is a work permit obtained?

Work permit is generally done through the company working for. They apply and process the Labor Card based on the foreign employment quota. For setting up a business one needs a local citizen as a sponsor in order to process the work visa.


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Dubai Visa Requirements for South African Citizens

If you are a South African Citizen and wanted to visit Dubai, then you should check the Dubai Visa requirement first before you make your plan. Have you at any point yearned to get the stunning sights offered from the highest point of Burj Khalifa in Dubai? Or on the other hand, would you say you are considering having an exciting time in Abu Dhabi’s marked amusement park of the well-known Ferrari World? The United Arab Emirates is known to offers significantly more attractions than this! To make your fantasy of investigating this goal a reality, read this guide on the best way to apply for a Dubai visa!

United Arab Emirates tourist e-visa fees for South African citizens.

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Dubai Visa Processing Time

There are several types of Dubai visa available and similarly the processing time vary from 1-3 days for tourist, while 4-6 days for multiple entry and so on. Essentially, the procedure of Dubai visa is majorly reliant upon different components like the applicant’s nationality and purpose behind traveling. There are such a significant number of visa suppliers accessible for applicants; however, it is important to be aware of the requirements, procedure and processing time.

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