What are the Ban Rules for Dubai Visa?

You would surely like to know about the Dubai Visa Ban? Then, first of all you need to know “what is Dubai visa ban?” This is legal option that helps one to prevent a resident or employee from re-entering the country or accept a new designation with another employer within a fixed tenure of time that is usually 6 month.

Permanent Residency Ban:

This ban is generally imposed for any sort of serious labour offense that is considered to be an illegal or absconding practice. The federal department of immigration is responsible to keep the record of banned individuals by maintaining the fingerprint and retain scanned sample.

Labour Ban:

The process of labour ban is executed under following circumstances:

  • On the expiry of contract, when on action is taken by the present employer’s end in relation to your employment.
  • In case, if no new application is applied by different employer.
  • Termination of unlimited labour contract before completing 1 year service.
  • Termination of limited labour contract before date of expiry.

How To Avoid Visa Ban?

If you want to keep an check on the visa ban, then the first thing that you need to assure is that your current employer has executed proper action for extension of your employment contract, prior to its expiry, in the department of labour. In case you are changing your job then, you need to be sponsored by the new employer or else your labour card gets banned. If you are an absconding case, then the employer need to fill for the absconding case to replace the employee. In case the employee is not replaced then the company needs to file again and again till they do not get back the guaranteed and refundable bank paid of the employee. But generally, an absconding case is considered to be a blacklisted candidate and is applicable for 1 year banned.

Different Types Of Ban:

Immigration ban: this ban denies the entry of employee in UAE irrespective that the person has entered as a residency or visitors. The factor on which immigration ban depends is the criminal offence, bad debt, bounced cheque, rape violence, rash driving, drinking, theft, inappropriate relationship, etc. immigration ban is even applicable in case you have broken even governmental rule regulation or immigration rule or entered the country illegally, etc.

Employment Ban:                                

This employment ban in other term is known as work permit ban or labour ban. All, this ban implies that you can work in UAE for a limited period of time. This ban can be applicable on you for 6 month, one year or even permanently.

  • 6 Month Ban: This sort of ban is applicable for those candidates who have left their job without legally binding reasons. This ban is imposed by Labour ministry on labour card or work permit. Howsoever, this ban does not affect your entry in UAE. You can easily enter UAE on tourist or visit visa.
  • 1 Year Ban: This ban is directed when you resign any job prior to its completion of limited contract and forbids you from UAE visit. This ban is applicable if one leaves governmental job, break the rule of labour contract or labour law. This rule comes into existence when one loses his case filed against labour department or employer. This ban is even imposed when one reasons from their job within tenure of one year from the time of joining.

Apply For New Work Permit After Ban:

Employer needs to start the proceeding of work permit in case of banned employee much before the expiry of the visa. The ban gets automatically activated, if new application is not forward well before expiry of work permit or visa.

Lifting Labour Ban:

You can even come under the sections when 6 month labour ban gets imposed due to breaking of the contract. This ban may be applicable for near about 2 years of tenure. But, this sort of ban can be lifted in accordance to following laws:

  • Need to have minimum qualification of high school diploma
  • Need to have a minimal salary of Dh 5000 if it’s a new job or Dh 7000 applicable for diploma holders and Dh 12,000 for bachelor degree holder.

Note: Despite of this ban, a six month ban can even be imposed over employees who quit the job prior of completing his/her two year tenure. Howsoever, the ban gets lift, one the employee get into contract with another new employer or is working on limited contract or for those who terminate their contract on completion to acquire good position. Employees who are under any provisional contract or have switched off from their job well before the completion of contract even comes under this provisional right.