Dubai Visa Requirements for South African Citizens

If you are a South African Citizen and wanted to visit Dubai, then you should check the Dubai Visa requirement first before you make your plan. Have you at any point yearned to get the stunning sights offered from the highest point of Burj Khalifa in Dubai? Or on the other hand, would you say you are considering having an exciting time in Abu Dhabi’s marked amusement park of the well-known Ferrari World? The United Arab Emirates is known to offers significantly more attractions than this! To make your fantasy of investigating this goal a reality, read this guide on the best way to apply for a Dubai visa!

United Arab Emirates tourist e-visa fees for South African citizens.

This guide will clarify the procedure of Dubai visa application in South Africa. Applicants must apply at the UAE Embassy in Pretoria or one of VFS Global’s Visa Processing Centers located in South Africa. Applicants can likewise apply online with VFS Global’s official site, with Etihad or through Emirates.

The ideal time of applying for a UAE visa is 2 months before travel.

Are you wondering what’s the Visa requirements for South African citizens to travel to Dubai? Check what documents required, types of visa, validity and fees in ZAR.

Importance of Visa

A visa is an authorization, as a stamp in an individual’s passport, alluded to as a visa, which enables people to enter and remain in Dubai under set conditions and for a set time-frame.

Some citizens from certain countries can go to Dubai without the need to get a visa, different nationalities will require one in the case of visiting Dubai for the motivations behind visiting a relative, occasion or an excursion for work.

Types of Visa

  • On the off chance that applicants intend to spend under 4 days in the United Arab Emirates, they must apply for the 96-hour visa. This additionally fills in as a travel visa, and if the delay is somewhere around 8 hours in the UAE, they will require this visa.
  • If applicants choose to spend a period of 30 days in the United Arab Emirates then they can apply for the 30-day visa for short-term.
  • If applicants have to leave the nation and return, they can get the multi-entry visa on a short-term basis. This visa qualifies applicants to remain up to 30 days for each visit.
  • In the event that the applicants are traveling to the UAE for a series of events then they ought to apply for the 90-day visa for a long-term basis.
  • If the applicant travels back and forth to the UAE and requires more than a month, they can apply for the multi-entry visa on a long-term basis. This visa offers applicants a chance to make numerous visits into the nation at 90 days for every visit. This visa is additional material in case of applicants needing to travel through the United Arab Emirates for business purposes.
  • Should the applicant be a GCC occupant (Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE), they can apply for the 30-day (GCC Resident) visa.
  • In case the applicant is going with a GCC occupant, they are welcome to apply for the 30-day Visa which is GCC accompanied.
  • The applicant won’t require a visa on the off chance that they are going through the UAE and the delay is under 8 hours. Nonetheless, they must stay at the airplane terminal until the next flight.


All UAE visas are substantial for a period of 60 days from the date of issue to enter the UAE. This prohibits the 96-hour visa, which is substantial for 30 days from the date of issue.

The applicant’s passport must be substantial for somewhere around a half year after their takeoff from the UAE. The preparing time for each type of visa is 3-4 working days. In case the applicant is applying for a visa through Etihad, Emirates or VFS Global, they will get the visa by means of the email they have registered with.

Fees of Visa in ZAR for South African Citizen

  • 96-hour visa: R 760 – R 980
  • 30-day short term visa (single entry): R 1,232 – R 1,370
  • 30-day short term visa (multi entry): R 2,400 – R 2,730
  • 90-day long term visa (single entry): R 2,840 – R 4,520
  • 90-day long term visa (multi entry): R 6,510 – R 6,390
  • 30-day (GCC Accompanied): R 1,215 – R 1,515
  • 30-day (GCC Resident): R 1,215 – R 1,515